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Social awareness does not have a simple dictionary meaning. It is in fact a complicated concept, an archetype that has a variety of implications for numerous people. Social awareness can be defined as a principle that combines a series of factors. It is a model whereby one has fundamental knowledge about social issues including political, economical, technological, medical, environmental and scientific issues.

Why is social awareness important in our daily life? 

Knowing more about social issues makes us more responsible and enables us to take efficient actions in favour of the society. For example, if more children are taught about the ill effects of global warming, they will be more responsible with fuel. 

Awareness is knowledge and knowledge is power. This means that when we create awareness among people, we are also empowering them to face certain difficult situations and at the same time we are helping them to overcome these difficulties. Social awareness also encourages people to take care of their health. In fact, when people will get to know about the ills of certain habits, they will behave more responsibly and try to be more active.

When kids are made aware of different illegal behaviours, they will be more prone to avoid those activities. Teaching children about civil sense will help them grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow. It will also help them take well-thought decisions.